What the Doctor Says

This method of rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is an easy and gentle way of removing crusts and foreign particles from the nasal passages. It’s simple to do and has no harmful side effects. It has proved to be highly effective in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis, and is also a useful component in the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Those suffering from pollen and dust allergies may in many cases reduce their symptoms by practising nasal cleansing.

From Wikipedia

Nasal Irrigation or Jala Neti is a personal hygiene practice which involves flooding the nasal cavity with warm saline solution. The goal of nasal irrigation is to clear out excess mucus and particles while moisturizing the nasal cavity. The practice has been subjected to clinical testing and has been found to be safe and beneficial, with no apparent side effects.

Nasal Irrigation can purportedly:

  • Clear out sticky, persistent mucus and help reduce nasal congestion
  • Cleanse and rid the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, and contaminants
  • Treat chronic sinusitis
  • Treat allergic rhinitis
  • Prevent common colds and flu
  • Relieve nasal dryness
  • Improve breathing
  • Temporarily reduce symptoms of post nasal drainage
  • Reduce cough caused by post-nasal drip
  • Temporarily reduce symptoms of phantosmia
  • Treat acute bacterial rhinosinusitis